Every debate round needs a judge.

The Chicago Debate League (CDL) runs approximately 36 debate tournaments a year with over 5800 individual rounds of debate. Educational debates cannot happen without judges and well-trained judges meaningfully enhance the educational value of debate. Our debate judges are a critical link in impacting at-risk youth. The CDL must recruit, manage and retain hundreds of debate judges. Indeed, sometimes we need over 200 judges on a single weekend!

Below are resources to equip you to be the most effective judge:

All new judges are required to attend one two-hour training session. See calendar below for details. To register please contact register@chicagodebateleague.org. For all other questions, contact info@chicagodebateleague.org. Off-site group judge trainings are available upon request. 

Please note: All judges who wish to receive the stipend are required to complete a Judge Payment Form at their first tournament of each new year. We are grateful for judges who donate their time without taking the stipend. 

High School Tournaments and Professional Development Calendar

Middle School Tournaments and Professional Development Calendar