2017/18 Chicago High School Debate Conference Roster

Regional Circuit Conference (6)

Evanston Township High School
Jones College Prep
Lane Tech College Prep
Northside College Prep
Walter Payton College Prep
Whitney Young High School

Blue Conference (7)

Lincoln Park High School
Ogden International School
Phoenix Military Academy
RTC Medical Prep
Solorio Academy High School
Taft High School
Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

White Conference (9)

Acero Garcia Charter High School
Bogan High School
Brooks College Prep
Chicago H.S. for Agricultural Sciences
Thomas Kelly High School
Kennedy High School
Kenwood Academy
King College Prep
Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Red Conference (13)

Acero Victoria Soto Charter High School
Chicago Military Academy Bronzeville
Chicago Vocational Career Academy
Gary Comer College Prep
Curie Metropolitan High School
Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory School of Medicine
Dyett High School for the Arts
Goode STEM Academy
Harlan Community Academy High School
Hubbard High School
Little Village Lawndale High School
Morgan Park High School
Washington High School

Maroon Conference (12)

Alcott College Prep
Amundsen High School
Collins Academy High School
Farragut Career Academy
Foreman College and Career Academy
Michele Clark High School
Lake View High School
Noble Academy
North Grand High School
Pritzker College Prep
Senn High School
Westinghouse College Prep

2017/18 Chicago Middle School Debate League
Conference Roster

Middle School “A” Conference (6)

Bell Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School
Peirce School of International Studies
South Loop Elementary School
O. A. Thorp Scholastic Academy
Skinner West Elementary School

Middle School “AA” Conference (8)

Audubon Elementary School
Beasley Academic Center
Blaine Elementary School
Brooks Academic Center
Kershaw Elementary School
McCutcheon Elementary School
Nettelhorst Elementary School
Skinner North Classical School

Middle School “AAA” Conference (15)

Boone Elementary School
Brighton Park Elementary School
Clinton Elementary School
DePriest Elementary School
Doolittle Elementary School
Earle STEM Elementary School
Frazier International Magnet School
Leif Ericson Scholastic Academy
Fort Dearborn Elementary School
Haines Elementary School
Hanson Park Elementary School
Kilmer Elementary School
Owen Scholastic Academy
Southeast Area Elementary School
Wadsworth Elementary School

Are you at a CPS school and interested in joining the debate league? Please contact davidsong@chicagodebateleague.org to discuss.