Now that our students are officially debaters, remember that our goal for each debater is to attend at least 3 tournaments. We have swag for each of the first 3 tournaments to reinforce this goal – debaters who attend their first tournament get one of our famously quirky buttons:
Inline image 2
For their second tournament, debaters will get this flashy but classy sticker commemorating our 20th anniversary!
Inline image 3
And for the all-important third tournament, students get an exclusive T-shirt designed by an award-winning graphic designer that they can only receive by debating at 3 events. Coaches get this shirt at Tournament Two so they can make students jealous until they make it to their third tournament!
In the last two years, we’ve gone from 48% to 63% of our students attending at least 3 tournaments – we think we can do even better this year.