Logistics for the DePaul Classic Midseason Classic

  1. Parking at DePaul is available at the Clifton Garage at 2335 N. Clifton.  You will need to let the guard know you are with the DePaul Debate Tournament to get the discounted rate.  Mini-busses may not fit in the garage, and will need to either find street parking on come on Friday to SAC to get a parking pass.
  2. Please review the maps of Depaul and schedule for the tournament.  We have included a map to help participants find the rooms for debates and also one for meals
  3. Coaches will be responsible for getting their teams dinner on Friday and Saturday.  Checks for $7.50 per person will be given to coaches at the tournament.  You may want to be prepared to pay cash or with a credit card.  Dinner options are listed on the map.  Please coordinate with your debaters, as time is limited and we will enforce the forfeit rule to stay on time.
  4. The DePaul Classic is combined “A” and “AA” Conferences.  Teams will need to be prepared to debate against teams from both conferences, including any disclosed affirmative cases.
  5. Please review the list of runnable cases and previews.
  6. Help us act as respectful guests on DePaul’s campus.  It can be very difficult to arrange such gracious hosts.  Many universities are reluctant to hold such events on their campuses.  We need to do our best to continue to be welcomed back by keeping the space clean, being polite to staff and students, etc.
  7. Due to limited space, it is likely that teams will get a “bye” on the second day, either in round 6 or 7.  This will not effect competition in that all teams will receive the bye, effectively debating six rounds.